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27th MARCH 2018 - AT 6,30 PM

Sala Plenaria - (Pavilion. 8.1)



ERMETE REALACCI (President of Symbola)
STEFANO BOERI (Internationally renowned architect)
MARIO TOZZI (CNR, Broadcaster and geologist)
GASTONE CIUTI (Prof. biorobotics, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa)
MASSIMIANO TELLINI (Head - Circular Economy Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center)

Chaired by:
Introduction by AGOSTINO BONOMO (President of Confartigianato Vicenza) 
with the guest attendance of the President of Edilcassa Enrico Maset,
and by Leonardo Zucchini (Fillea CGIL), CISL, UIL

Barbara Carfagna

Journalist and Rai presenter, she creates news reportage for TV7 and Speciali tg1. She presents the tg1 news. She is the author and anchorwoman for CODICE on Rai1, a late evening broadcast, and INFOSFERA, a feature looking at digital matters.
She collaborates with Italiana, Il Foglio, Panorama and Formiche on the topics of politics, economy and digital society.
Since 2009 she has created reportage about economics and finance on sovereign wealth funds in the United Arab Emirates, cybersecurity and cyberwar at NATO in Brussels, digital politics, criptocurrency and start-ups in Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh, Israel, Singapore, UAE, Japan, Taiwan and Northern Europe, interviewing academics and researchers in laboratories of the main universities around the world.

Ermete Realacci

Italian politician and environmentalist; he has been a leading figure in Legambiente from its earliest years. He was president of Legambiente from 1987 to 2003 and is currently still honorary president. He has made Legambiente the nation’s most widespread Italian environmental association and become one of the leading exponents of Italian environmentalism. He was President of AIES (Interparliamentary association for equal and fair trade) and one of the founders of the Kyoto club, a union of various institutions and businesses committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases. He is the founder and President of Symbola – the Foundation for Italian Quality, which aims to promote a soft economy and create a network of entities that represent Italian quality.
Together with over 100 partners, Symbola is an original cultural movement that puts out on the network various differing subjects aimed at the political, economic and institutional entities to direct the development of the country towards quality, sustainability and culture. This is done mainly through reports like GreenItaly, about the national green economy, or like Io sono Cultura [I am Culture] about the impact of culture and creativity in the national economy.

Stefano Boeri

Internationally renowned architect and urban planner closely linked to the world of culture and contemporary art. His studio has designed various international and Italian architectural projects (starting from the Vertical Forest of Milan, winner of the International Highrise Award 2014).
From 2004 to 2007, he was director of the international magazine Domus, from September 2007 to April 2011 he directed the international magazine Abitare. From June 2011 to March 2013, he was Councillor for Culture, Design and Fashion for the Milan Municipality; since June 2014 he has been the Artistic Director of the Estate Fiorentina and Culture and Major events consultant for the Mayor of Florence. Recently, his studio has signed the new development plan for Tirana the Albanian capital, and he has designed the new school canteen within the context of the reconstruction project of Amatrice, the city devastated by earthquake.

Valentina Sumini

Valentina Sumini is a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and collaborates with various research groups: Digital Structures at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Tangible Media and the Space Exploration Initiative of MIT MediaLab.La. Her research activities are aimed at exploring form-finding strategies and structural optimisation for space exploration dwellings on the moon or Mars. In the academic year of 2015-16, she worked as contract professor at the Politecnico di Milano, where she held the course Steel, timber and reinforced concrete structures. In 2014 she completed her Phd at the Politecnico di Milano (following almost a year’s worth of research activity at the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago), that focused on the evaluation of historic skyscrapers in Milan and Chicago made in the ’50s and ’60s of last century in reinforced concrete. After completing a three-year degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino, in 2007 she received two specialised degrees, in Construction and Architecture respectively at the Politecnico di Torino and the Politecnico di Milano (spending one term at the TU of Delft at the Hyperbody Research Group, within the Erasmus exchange programme).

Mario Tozzi

Science broadcaster, currently Head Researcher at the National Council for Research (Environmental Geology and Geoengineering Institute), specialist in the geological evolution of the Central-Eastern Mediterranean region, studying rock deformation to reconstruct the history of the distant past. He is author of dozens of scientific publications in Italian and international magazines, of geological guides and of lecture notes for university courses. Currently he is a permanent guest on the “Kilimangiaro” programme, presented by 
Camila Raznovich on Rai3; he has been presenter for “Fuori Logo” on Rai 1(2016), “Atlantide”, “Allarme Italia” (2011-2012) and “La Gaia Scienza” (with Trio Medusa, 2009-2010) on La7. Among the numerous television programmes he has presented and documentaries he has created are the memorable Rai 3 programmes: “Terzo Pianeta” (2007-2008); “Gaia - il pianeta che vive” (2000-2007);
As science broadcaster he has developed various communication projects on urgent, topical environmental themes, such as energy saving, waste recycling, water saving and the ecological situation of the planet. These projects in turn have spawned a variety powerful and spectacular conferences: “Del Buio e della Luce” [Of Light and Dark], "Trash", "Lo Stato dell'Acqua" [The state of Water] and "Fine Corsa?" [End of the Race?]. He has endorsed various environmental projects to sensitise the Italian public to ecological themes.

Gastone Ciuti

Gastone Ciuti graduated with a master’s degree (with honours) in Biomedical Engineering at Pisa University in 2008 and a research doctorate in Biorobotics (with honours) at the BioRobotics Institute at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa in 2011. Currently he is a university researcher (tenure-track) at the BioRobotics Institute and is laboratory manager for the Computer-Integrated Technologies for Robotic Surgery within the research area for Surgical Robotics and Allied Technologies.
The main research activities regard the development of platforms and robotic devices for diagnosis and mini invasive surgery (e.g. capsule endoscopy) and collaborative robots and technology for man/machine interaction.
He is actively involved in various national and international research projects and is co-author of over 50 international scientific publications. Finally, he holds 8 patents for inventions and is founder and CEO of the company Mediate Srl, which operates in the field of collaborative robotics for industrial and medical purposes.

Massimo Calvetto

Commercial manager for the Italian company Comau, which, in partnership with IUVO, spin-off company of the BioRobotics Institute (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), she is committed to the launch of new wearable robotic technologies, such as exoskeletons.

The shared desire is to develop and evolve the man/machine partnership in various sectors, including those of biomedical engineering, manufacturing production and the consumer world, and to propose solutions for industrial automation that is “open” and easy to use, where humans and robots work together without obstacle or barrier.

Massimiano Tellini

Economist by training, investment banker by profession, opportunity maker by vocation, Massimiano Tellini undertakes his work reporting directly to the Director General of the Innovation Centre of the Group (Intesa Sanpaolo). Graduating in Italy with a degree in economics, he immediately launched on an international career in the Corporate & Investment Banking Division, initially as an analyst at the London branch in the credits sector and then as manager at the Hong Kong branch in the Project Finance sector. With the completion of an MBA in Asia, he then perfected his training on the themes of innovation and strategic management with a master’s degree in the USA. 

As an innovator, he is committed to the research for distinctive solutions to support companies, regions and communities in the challenge for the achievement of sustainable competition, able to create long-lasting shared well-being. He coordinates the activities of the Group on the theme of Circular Economy aimed at creating value for the Group and relevant stakeholders, stimulating, through a systemic and influential vision, a collective change consistent with the challenges that the future holds for us. He is also the author of “Rethink” (2013), a documentary on the topics of resilient development, business models and impact of climate change. It’s better to make the difference rather than just money…   

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